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Take down your facebook thing. Next.

It has been a while since I have posted something J2-ish. I mean, I always mention the boys and love on them one way or another but proper Jared&Jensen are in love? It has been missing on here for a while..... SO THANK YOU LAS VEGAS CON for making my J2 heart go crazy once again.

How incredibly cute and sweet and adorable where Jared and Jensen at LVCon? And I mean, not toward the crowd, which they always are but toward each other?!?

I'm just gonna post this here because apparently I'm not able to go to sleep tonight if I don't do so.

So you know this story about this woman putting up a facebook page titled "I blame Jared Padalecki for everything".... It's apparently all a joke started at LA Con and the woman actually likes Jared etc... anyway, the page has 2160 followers (O.o why people?). So this woman's daughter went to ask Jared at LVCon how he feels to be blamed for everything. It was supposed to be all a playful thing (awkward ideas much?) but not in a universe in which Jared and Jensen don't understand what you're talking about, it sounds like you're wanking on Jared and Jensen gets all pissed and defensive knight in shiny armor for his Padapuppy.

Man, I have never seen Jensen that pissed off!!! At the end of it all, he almost start to statter with how enraged he was. Here is the video and everything happens at the very end of it.

I love how Jensen says "thank you very much, take down your FB.. thing. Next" and just turn around like that. Jared laughs to make it all lighter but Jensen is just not having it!!!!
Well, we all learnt one lesson.... YOU DON'T MESS WITH JENSEN'S JARED. :)

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I think: this is what I'll miss

In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.

The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller

How are you all? I'm alright, enjoying a bit of rest on this mid February Saturday.
I left you all, I was still in Rome for Christmas break.
Well, six weeks have gone by and life has been treating me good here in London. I always fear the months between Christmas and Easter a big deal. I don't know, I guess winter is just really not my season. But March is around the corner now and I feel like I can breathe easier once again.
Time has passed weirdly. I have been working a lot which kind of stretches the week endlessly and makes it pass faster at the same time. I say this a lot, I know. "I have been working a lot". But every time it gets to a whole new level of a lot. I think I'm close to the maximum level of "a lot" but you never know. I guess it can always be "more".
Surprisingly it's not that bad at all. It gets to you more often than not, it tires you out, it's spirit and time and body consuming but I feel like if I don't give 100% in my PhD years, than when? With my lab we are trying to publish this paper by the end of March. It's demanding. The boss keeps saying "push it, push it". I'm pushing. I hope it will all be worth it at the end. Ask me again in 2016.

it's not all work though.
I'm swimming and working out a lot. I use every single second i can get. Literally. Like, the machine says "the analysis will end in 34 minutes". Okay, cool, let's go spend them on the treadmill. It helps me decompress I guess. And after Christmas my body was asking for a better sprint. I'm hopefully getting there.

Social life is also really good.
I'm super grateful in this department. As you know my best friends are in Rome. I have never been alone in London, not even when I first moved here but it was different. Shallow relationships, going out just for the sake of it and not because you're really enjoying yourself. But not it has been one and a half year. I have met a lot of people and I have reached the point when I can actively choose who I want to hang out with, when and how long for. I have a nice group of friends and we go to dinners, clubs and parties (tonight, costume party. Theme = the 90's. I'm going as Geri from the Spice Girls. LOL). I'm glad. It reminds me that I'm living here and not just getting a degree.

This is all I need to tell you about my life now so let me spend a few words on the cuteness that are JARED&JENSEN.

I fucking love those new gifs we got recently and I think that they came out at exactly the right moment, considering the direction Supernatural is taking at the moment. The boys are adorable and even if they are obviously acting as instructed for the camera in those gifs, I think it's just completely, utterly them on there, it hurts. *___*

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In other news, I'm going back home March 27th for my birthday (March 29th) and Easter. Should be good. Even if once there I have to make time to apply for a new passport and italian ID since they broke into my office and stole my whole bag with the documents inside a few weeks ago. But don't wanna go into details of nasty events. It's in the past now.

Have a nice weekend you all. ;)
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So I went home

Hello flist and happy New Year!!!!

it has been a long time. When I finally made some time to update LJ decided to stop working properly for me. It took me ages to load even the "inbox" page. I have not being ignoring you, dear friends. Simply, I gave up commenting to most of the entries for the last four days. It seems to be working better now though so I'm pushing my luck by posting this update.

How are you all?

I'm really good. I'm at home, in Rome, have been since December 22nd.

I know you haven't had an entry from me since I was in San Francisco last summer... so... well, I have started my 2nd year of PhD in London. I joined my lab of choice I have been nicely welcomed by the rest of the group. I love my project. I work a lot, like always, but I think it's mostly for the best: it keeps me busy, focused and I feel like I'm actually achieving something. The last three months in London have been fine considering that I hate winter and the months from October to February are always hard on me, especially there where weather is not nice on anyone. I made some new friends, I have been going out quite a lot (dancing!!!!) and I have mostly been okay with my everyday life.

Nonetheless, I was dying to get back home. I hadn't been here since the beginning of July, before leaving for the States. The level of nostalgia had reached unbearable levels. So the joy of hugging my parents and friends once again was indescribable.
I spent a lovely, lovely Christmas with all my family and a funny New Year's Eve with my friends. plus every day has been a day of celebration, going out, catching up.
I went to all the places where I haven't been in ages: Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna... taking pics like mad like it wasn't my own city and I didn't know it at all! But I had missed it so much! And now everything is even prettier with all the lights and other Christmas decorations! I guess being away for so long made me realize of how lucky I am for being born in Rome. I love this city so damn much!

I just got back from the sea. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, warm, almost spring-like, the sea was calm and clear. In what country can you walk on the beach on January 3rd in just a t-shirt? me and my friends ate tons of delicious seafood. *___*

So yeah, it has been great. I love my friends in London but the ones that I have here at home are my very best friends who I wouldn't trade for the world and who I trust with my deepest secrets. I'm really blessed.

I'm going back to London on Sunday (bboooooo! LOL) but I feel charged by the time spent here and I'll be back at the end of March anyway for my birthday/Easter.

What else? I'm caught up with all my shows: Supernatural, of which I don't talk that much anymore cause I dislike the plot, what they have made of Sam and his relationship with Dean; The Vampire Diaries, which I like a whole lot, Gossip Girl that is over but ended pretty nicely in my opinion, The Beauty and the Beast (hot!).

I made a bunch of new icons that I'll post soon and I'm looking forward to see Jared and Jensen's appearance at the PCA!!!

Finally I just wanna thanks some people. talulababy and kristypadalecki for the lovely v-gifs. I would have thanked you girls sooner if LJ had been working correctly. And especially, lady_eilthana because she is a great friend and she always reminds you of that. I got both your card and your package hon. They are both adorable and your Italian is already so good, I'm really proud. I loved the candy (candy!!!!!) and the candle and the Christmas card was so well done and sweet that me and my parents decided to put a string on it and to put it on our Christmas tree. Thank you so much hon!! love you.

This is it from me for now. Mom demands my company. ;)
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BIG BANG 2011!!!

Hey guys! My 2011 Big Bang art is finally up!!! \o/
Go check it out! :)

(click on the pic to be re-directed)